Personal Bio

I am 38 years old and I live in North Hampton. I am the oldest of six children and my parents taught me the values of honesty, integrity, service, and hard work. I am a father of four awesome children. My three youngest attend North Hampton School where my oldest graduated in June. I am an entrepreneur and a real estate investor. My company designs and manufactures environmentally sound floor coating systems which cure with UV light. In the past, I have started, grown, and sold companies which provided the following services: Internet access, information security and auditing, manufacturing parts for antique cars, and electronic medical records hosting. I am running to be your voice in Concord and to ensure your rights and freedoms are protected.

Our great community

I love our people, our mountains, our beaches, our farms, our natural scenery, our work ethic, our wide variety of activities, our seasons, and our unique type of government and tradition of self-reliance and freedom.

Living, working, and raising a family on the Seacoast

My district encompasses Newington, Portsmouth (Ward 3), Greenland, and North Hampton. All of these towns are amazing places to live, work, and raise a family. There are so many wonderful things to do and enjoy in our towns from the farmer’s market in Portsmouth every Saturday to the Outdoor Movie nights at the Langdon Library to the music played at the Bandstand in North Hampton to the ultra-light fly-in at Sanderson’s in Greenland. We have an excellent group of local professionals and tradespeople who keep our cars, homes and businesses working and well maintained. We have local farmers who grow great food for us. We have many businesses which provide many different products and services we need while employing our highly skilled and hardworking residents in at these businesses. Most of our business owners live here with us and have a vested interest in seeing our community continue to prosper. My goal is to enhance our ability to enjoy the great quality of life we enjoy today by keeping government in check which will enable people to start and grow their businesses here in our community and state. I will ensure the government protects our civil liberties and never violates them.

Hobbies & Interests

Enjoying Nature

My family and I run on the beaches along the ocean on the sand and rocks. We surf and play in the waves. We hike in our hills and mountains. We ride our bikes along our streets and on our trails. We see both the beauty of nature and the occasional negative impact which litter and lack of care for our natural environment can cause. I will ensure our state policies continue to allow full use of our forests, mountains, and beaches for recreation of all kinds while ensuring they continue to stay among the cleanest in the country.

Collector Cars

I have a few classic cars from the 1950’s and 1960’s which I have collected over the years and restored. I purchased my first one for several thousand dollars when I was 17 by working at three different jobs. I still have that car and I use it as a daily drivers for three months of the year. I will support the collector car hobby to ensure that burdensome regulations are minimized or eliminated and costs are kept as low as possible. I recognize that we as collectors keep our cars in exceptional condition and that most people drive them as a Sunday outing car. I will defend your right to preserve a living part of our history which can be shared with friends, family, and others every time it is driven.


I have been riding since I was six years old. I have ridden across the country several times and I ride every chance I get. I ride on the street and in the dirt. I ride for transportation and I race. My children all ride too. I love riding and will protect your right to ride!


I’m a certificated private pilot with both single and multi-engine land airplane ratings with instrument privileges. I keep my airplane at Pease because of their instrument approaches and Jet-A fuel (my airplane is a diesel), but my heart is at Hampton Airfield in a Piper Cub. I love and will protect our airports and your right to fly! I know the business, personal, and charity benefits of flying and I will represent us to ensure the benefits which result from of our airports have a clear and loud voice in Concord.


I’m a member of the Hampton Rod & Gun Club in North Hampton. I am a CCW permit holder. I own and shoot rifles, shotguns, and pistols. I am a life member of GOA, an endowment life member of the NRA, and a member of Pro-Gun NH, GO-NH, SAS, and JPFO. I will defend your inherent right to own, carry, and use your firearms! I support constitutional carry and will sponsor or cosponsor such a bill.


I love to grow and share my own food as well as patronizing other local farmers. I will ensure that NH does not have any regulations to prevent you from buying, selling, trading, or otherwise using your land and animals to produce food for yourself or others.


I will continue to ensure that our residents can fish for their own food and recreation and that our professional fishermen and women are treated with respect and regulations are as minimal as possible to ensure healthy populations and catches both today and in the future.

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